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Come on in, would you like a cup of tea?
Or maybe some hot chocolate?
I have four children and eight grandchildren.
Let me introduce you to my kids.
This is my oldest son Michael and his family.

Michael and Kathleen have been married for 14 years. Their daughter Sydney is nine years old and their son Michael Ryan is 6.

Michael is a Commercial Airline pilot and a retired Major in the Texas Air National Guard, where he was an F16 Fighter Pilot.

Kathleen was a High School Skills for Living teacher until the arrival of their first child. She was thrilled to be a hard working stay at home Mom. She was busy making their new house a real home for her family. Now that Micheal Ryan is in school Kathleen has gone back to teaching.
Meet Bob and his family.
Bob is a Communications Consultant in Washington. Bob and his wife Florentina have their own business. Their son Larenzo is 4 years old.
Bob's oldest son is Jason, he's 24. Next is Garrett 22, Brianna 20, and Taiha is 17.
This is Janice and her daughter Jennifer.
Janice is a Graphics System Analyst for Boeing Aerospace. Jan's favorite hobby as you can tell is designing web sites, she is our Webmaster.

Jennifer is now 21, working and going to school.
And the youngest is Judy.
Judy lives at a lake in Central California. She is a Department Manager at a major hospital.
I'll add the pictures of the rest of the family as soon as I get the pictures scanned.
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November 1, 2006