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I now live in Converse, Texas with Jan.
I'm usually out tending to our garden.
I love to see all the flowers bloom.

I have a beautiful Dachshund named Buddy.
Buddy is my constant companion and I love him dearly.

I am called Granners by the family.
When my granddaughter Jennifer was just learning to talk,
She put the "ERS" sound at the end of all her words.
She called water * waters.
She called my dog Honey * Honers.
And so Grandma became Granners.

Then everyone was calling me that, even my own kids.
So now twenty years and 5 grandkids later I am still

Time and geographical locations have separated me from my kids and grandkids. How will I pass along the history and traditions of our family? How will the young ones know me, the real me? Well, I have decided to write about the events in our lives. This way the stories can be passed on. This will be a long and sometimes painful process. But for the most part it will be a journey through my heart to share with my children the one thing you can never get enough of - A Mothers Love.