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It's with great saddness that I write this.

On December 1, 1999
Tosha lost her battle with cancer.

She will forever be in our hearts. We miss dearly.

When I first meet Tosha she was just a hyper little Dalmation puppy. She was as cute and sweet as can be, but still a hyper puppy. At that time Mike and Kathlene lived in a beautiful condo with only a small fenced patio. When Mike and Kathlene went away, Tosha came to stay with us. We had a large fenced yard and she would run for hours. I had an active 3 year old and the last thing I wanted around was a hyper puppy. But Tosha quickly became my daughter's best friend. They played together every minute of her visits. As Tosha grew up she got into all kinds of mischief, like eating the dried fruit off of Kathlene's new expensive flower arrangement. She would knock things off tables with a swift swipe of of her tail. She was such a loving young dog. She was always happy to meet new people. Over the years she had many adventures with Mike and Kathlene. She traveled, played golf and played in the garden. She was the child of the house for many years. Mike and Kathlene's first child arrived when Tosha was 10 years old and she instantly became the nanny of the newest little girl. I'm sure Tosha thought they brought this little girl home just for her!

Tosha brought joy to all those that knew her. Our wish is for everyone to know that kind of joy and unconditional love. We know Tosha is in Haven watching over her family.

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