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Our Little Callie is a Black/Tan Miniature Dachshound
She was born on October 26, 1999 and we brought her home on November 22, 1999
We named her Callie because she has the cutest calick on the back of her neck.

Home in her new bed! Callie in her sweatsock sweater, basking in the sun!
Homecoming Day! Sun bathing!

Celebrating the Millennium in style!! Partying with her sister
Party Time! Partying with her sister!

10 Years Later!
What a sweet face!! 10 years of moms cooking!
Don't you just love me! Look at this belly!

Surveying my yard! Waiting for my friends the squirrels!
I love my backyard! This is my playground!

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Updated July 22, 2010