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Houdini is our 11 year old Buff Colored Mackeral Tabby.
He was rescued when he was 2 months old from people that had 30-40 unwanted kittens.
He was named Houdine because no matter what we did to keep him in the house, he found a way out.
But he always came home. Now I can't get him out of the house.

Houdini at his favorite post, the front porch! Houdini helping with Homework. He's a straight A student!

Houdini in his favorite spot! Homework time!

2010 - Look at me now!!

Trying to nap on the patio! Did you just wake me to take my picture?

In my favorite old chair! Did you get my good side?

Waiting for some diner! What else do you do after you eat?!

How long do I have to wait! Full belly, time for another nap!

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Updated July 22, 2010