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Junior is a 12 years old Orange Marmalade Tabby.
He was born in early November 1988.
At that time we had another large
Orange Marmalade Tabby named Oliver,
and this new kitty looked like a junior version.
Junior is now the man of the house and takes his
duties very serious. He watches over that other kitten
and those little puppies, but his best friend is Cody.
They have been together since the beginning
and are very loyal to each other.

Junior is now in Heaven with Cody.
They will watch over our family and keep us safe.
We miss him and will always remember him as "Our Man".

Junior surving his domain!
Junior surveying his domain!

It's bath time!
Bath time, he loves to use mom's shoe as a pillow.

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July 10, 2000